Friday, 30 November 2012

The Spirit of Christmas Past

This is the first time the Calendar has appeared in blog form as previously it's been a link on my football pages on ESPN and elsewhere.

As an extra 'treat' though, I 've created a page for each of the previous years and you can find the links to them on the right hand side. The bonus here is that when I first started this crazy thing seven years ago - although I'd been doing it longer with friends - the usual way of sharing music was MySpace (Remember that? How quaint!) and much of what I was putting on the calendar wasn't available on the web, forcing me to describe what I was listening too.

Now, for all but a handful of songs, they are all available on YouTube and I urge you to look back over the past years and unearth some gems. Alternatively, you can aggravate the hell out of everybody so that, like Lady Blagg, they just scream for you to go and do something productive with your life.

Enjoy! (Or not - your choice!)

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