Saturday, 15 December 2012

Day 15 - 'Xmas Baby' - Riff Ruffin

I’m always enormously impressed when someone writes to me during the year with a Calendar suggestion; even more impressed when that suggestion arrives in the middle of August. When I’ve not heard the song before and it turns out to be a corker, then I think it’s fair to say my gratitude goes off the scale.

According to my diary, I was enjoying Wheelchair Basketball at the Paralympics when the man who sent this was looking for Christmas hits. So it’s hats off to Ged – yes, chief-he-who-must-be-obeyed from my 'home' site of – and his dedication to the spirit of the Calendar even I can’t manage.

Ged actually sent me two classics, but one of them – 'The Flirtations ‘Christmas Time is Here' (The Flirtations) has already been on the Calendar (check it out if you haven’t already though – it’s stupendous!) – so it’s just left to honour this storming Blues number with some great sax on it.

I know nothing about Mr Ruffin and freely admit I’d never heard of him before this arrived in my Inbox, however I’m looking forward to Ged telling me later.

I’m expecting the email about June!

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