Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Day 19 - 'Look Around You (It's Christmas Time) - Bobby Goldsboro

Well, here's a curio for those interested in such things (just me then?)

Yep, it's that Bobby Goldsboro, the one who lost his virginity to a MILF - or whatever they called them in those days - in  'Summer The First Time' and who, more famously, "Surprised her with a Puppy / Kept me up / All Christmas Eve / Two years ago" in the Grimmest of the 'Grim Reaper's Greatest Hits', the truly awful death song 'Honey' (which makes Lady B cry every time she hears it). Once heard, who can ever forget "One day when I was not at home / When she was there / And all alone / The Angels came..."?

Anyway, this Christmas ditty is actually a protest song about the commercialisation of Christmas. It's not early Dylan granted - but there's enough of a feel about the thing to date it to around that time, as our Mr Goldsboro bemoans the fact that there's 'Father celebrating Christmas / With a bottle full of Rum / While his Children wait for presents / That they know will never come'.

It's a bit of a surly and curmudgeonly view of the season and I'd suggest the now 71-year-old Bobby gets himself down to Oxford Street this year to see the Marmite sponsored street lights (Pictured) just to show that things aren't all quite like he suggests in his song....

"All the churches filled with nothing / But the quiet of the night / Doesn't anyone remember / Why we celebrate tonight"

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