Saturday, 22 December 2012

Day 22 - 'Christmas in Prison' - Petty Booka

The Blagg Christmas Calendar - the gift that keeps on giving!

Petty Booka are a Japanese female duo and I was originally seeking out their version of 'Christmas Island' that I heard on the excellent - and for the last couple of years, sadly missed - Mark Lamarr      Christmas Day show. After trolling the web for ages - I know I should get out more and get some friends, the wife is always telling me - I could only find this version of John Prine's song; his own version has, oddly, failed to find its own entry on the calendar these past six years.

But what was so great about finding these girls on YouTube was to discover the wealth of other wonderful material they have available. Madonna's 'Material Girl' as a Nippon Country and Western classic? 'Do You Want to Dance' as a Hawaiian ukulele tune? 'Summer Breeze' as a kind of early Beach Boys slow harmony song? And - get this! - 'Born to be Wild' as...well, you go and find it for yourself and while you're there look up the magical version of Richard and Linda Thompson's 'I Want To See The Bright Lights Again'. There's not enough hours in the day for me.  

Anyway, I actually think I prefer Ms Petty and Ms Booka's version of 'Christmas in Prison' than Prine's and while you're catching up on the girls back catalogue, you can pen a letter of complaint to the B.B.C. over their handling of Mr Lamarr and, most importantly, his Christmas shows. Surely there is a local station out there that can handle him?

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